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Welcome to Abigail-Breslin.Net your #1 fansite for the beautiful and talented actress. Well known for her roles in Little Miss Sunshine (2006), Zombieland (2009) and more recently she has appeared in August: Osage County (2013) and Ender's Game (2013). Up next for Abigail is Maggie (2015) with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Final Girl (2015) where she will play the wrong girl to be the victim of teenage boys pack 'initiation'. Please browse the site and visit our gallery featuring nearly 40,000 photos. The site is still growing and we will continue to bring you all the latest Abbie news! If you have any questions comments or donations please contact us xoxo
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‘All the Fine Boys’ photocall and opening party

Back in February and March Abbie attended a photocall and opening party for theater play “All the Fine Boys”. I added images from the ecents to the gallery, and more updates coming as well.

May 21, 2017

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If you’re interested in adopting abgail-brelin.net please contact Jess at jessicasfansites@gmail.com Thanks!

Mar 4, 2017

5th Annual Women Making History Brunch – September 17th

On September 17, Abbie attended the “5th Annual Women Making History Brunch” in Beverly Hills. I added images from the event to the gallery.

Nov 26, 2016

Season 2 – Scream Queens – stills, on set, promo shoot and poster

I just added to the gallery, some more on set images, from September 14th, stills, promotional photoshoot images and a poster for season 2 of Scream Queens! You can take a look at those in the gallery.

On Set in Los Angeles – September 14, 2016
Promotional Shoot
Promotional banners/Posters

Nov 26, 2016

On set of Scream Queens season 2

I just added some on set images of Abbie from the set of filming the second season of Scream Queens. First from August 19th, where she seems to be wearing a pink bridesmaids dress, and the second set is from September 1st. You can take a look at these in our gallery.

On Set in Pasadena, CA – August 19, 2016
On Set in LA – September 1, 2016

Sep 3, 2016

Out For Dinner at Craig’s Restaurant – August 16th

Abbie was spotted as she was going Out For Dinner at Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood on August 16th. I added some images to the gallery, take a look!

Out For Dinner at Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood, CA – August 16, 2016

Sep 3, 2016

Comic-Con International 2016

Abigail attended the 2016 Comic-Con in San Diego. She went there on July 22nd to talk about the new season of Scream Queens which is coming soon! I have also added some portrait photos of the Scream Queens cast to the gallery, check them out.

Jul 31, 2016

Scream Queens more stills from season 1

I found 15 promotional stills for “Scream Queens” various episodes that were missing from our gallery and added them. You can take a look at them now, there are 4 stills from episodes 12 and 13, from which no stills were added before.

Scream Queens > Promotional Stills (most recent)

Jul 31, 2016
Jul 31, 2016

Screan Queens screencaps from episodes 6-9

I just added more screencaps to the gallery from Scream Queens, this time from episodes 6, 7, 8 and 9. Again, they might contain spoilers if you haven’t watched the show, so be aware of that.

Scream Queens > S01E06 – Seven Minutes in Hell

Scream Queens > S01E07 – Beware of Young Girls

Scream Queens > S01E08 – Mommie Dearest

Scream Queens > S01E09 – Ghost Stories

Jul 17, 2016